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Small Business Lending

Small Business Lending

ClearBlu Group focuses on meeting each one of our clients where they are in their growth strategy to identify the right combination of finance solutions to scale taking in consideration their unique industry vertical, revenue trends/projections, assets and credit.  This may include SBA / sub-SBA long term financing, equipment finance, Account / Receivable Loans, Purchase / Order Financing, Unsecured Business Lines of Credit and numerous other options.

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SBA 7a / 504 Loans

Our mission is to equip you with reliable access to the capital you need. We’ve taken the long, complicated process of applying for funding and streamlined it for the way you do business today. One single application is powered by intuitive technology finding you the right financing offers; SBA, Term & Flexible Options.

Equipment Financing 

Equipment financing is a type of asset-based lending that helps business owners get the funding to purchase or lease equipment without depleting their working capital.  Credit approval is more flexible with this type of commercial banking because the equipment is used as collateral to secure the financing. 

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Account / Receivable Financing

A/R financing uses your company’s unpaid invoices as collateral for a lump sum of cash. Invoice financing comes with payment terms that give you 85% of the invoice value up front. The factoring company takes over the process of collecting payment. Once the full amount is paid, you’ll receive the remaining invoice balance, minus a factoring fee that is paid to the company. 

Purchase / Order Financing

Any business in which a customer orders goods by filling out a purchase order can use P/O financing. Businesses need this financing when they must buy materials from a supplier to fill the order, but they don’t have the cash to pay the supplier. This happens with business-to-business models, like wholesale companies or distributors.

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Revolving Bank Line of Credit

Your business is always evolving. Wouldn’t it be great to have a financial product flexible enough to evolve with it? Now you do! Our new Revolving Line of Credit – BANKROLL, provides the max loan approval, a fixed loan term up to 36 months, and a fixed weekly payment – plus the flexibility to pay down or draw funds on an unlimited basis!

Business Unsecured LOC

Access capital through various business credit cards to  only pay on funds borrowed, obtain favorable introductory terms, a clear plan to build business credit while preserving your personal credit.

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