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Our Team

At ClearBlu, we grow, develop and maintain an extremely diverse team of leaders who live and breathe our mission and vision while having fun doing it – EVERYONE WINS!

We have an inherent belief that our activities not only improve business capabilities, but also ultimately impact the communities in which we live and the families we engage.

Get to Know Our Team

The Founder and CEO, Larry L. Gilmore, formed ClearBlu Capital Group to create a nimble team of mission driven leaders with years of experience impacting communities.  We have a broad impact in sustaining wealth be directly addressing significant limitations for entrepreneurs and real estate investors.

Considering homeownership and wealth gaps among many segments, small business failure rates and the lack of equitable participation in the production of goods and services, Our purpose was birthed.

ClearBlu is dedicated to growth of scalable businesses, community-centric real estate developers, MISSION DRIVEN COMMERCIAL LENDERS AND COACHES.

Our Leadership Team

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